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R3 Selects OCTO Technology as 1st Official Corda Training Provider in France

December 11, 2018

OCTO Technology has become a major player in enterprise blockchain

With its network of over 200 members and partners from various backgrounds, R3 and Corda rank as heavyweights in the world of enterprise blockchain in line with Hyperledger or Quorum.

Since becoming an official Corda training provider through OCTO Academy, the firm’s own training provider, OCTO Technology has put itself forward as a reference in the field blockchain platform development by proving its expertise in the technologies, project consulting methodologies, and skillsets required to integrate this type of architecture within organizations.

Since 2016, OCTO Technology has gained traction to become a recognized expert in the field of blockchain: Acculturation, Use Cases, Workshops, Architecture consulting, DevOps, PoC and MVP Development… OCTO stands out as being particularly close to the tech community and participates actively in the events that shape the booming blockchain market. It is worth noting that OCTO’s blockchain team is seeking to double its ranks to be able to meet the demands of clients seeking guidance during crucial assignments on blockchain technologies.  

“We are thrilled to have been accredited as an official Corda training provider. We firmly believe that Corda is a very powerful enterprise blockchain that goes far beyond the financial sector” said Meriem Berkane, OCTO’s CTO. “We’ve been very involved in both the blockchain community and marketplace over the past two years, so this accreditation bolsters our presence and builds our credibility in terms of emerging technologies.”  

“We’re very pleased that Octo Technology has become the first official training provider in France. The combination of Octo Technology’s expertise in blockchain and unique understanding of the French technology community will be invaluable to delivering effective training on Corda in the region.”  comments Estelle Roiena at R3.