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Breakfast Seminar on May 28, 2013

In the US and everywhere else, the Giants of the Web are reinventing the way IT is done.

These revolutionaries are Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, and LinkedIn, to name but a few.

OCTO is releasing Les Géants du Web, a new book explaining what has changed in the world of IT. 

Join us at our breakfast event where Ludovic Cinquin, VP of OCTO Technology and co-author of Les Géants du Web, will speak about the innovative practices that make the Giants of the Web so successful. Come and share in our passion!

To give you a brief insight, we will talk about how these Giants: 

  • Reduce their Time To Market by using practices like Lean Startup and Continuous Deployment,
  • Address ever-growing challenges relating to increases in traffic by adopting NOSQL and Commodity Hardware technologies, and
  • Maintain excellence and high-quality by abiding by Pizza Team principles and by keeping their teams Feature-oriented while never forgetting the importance of measurement. 

This free event is geared toward anyone interested in drawing inspiration from the Giants’ business culture: marketing teams, project managers, architects, managers, IT directors, and geeks of all creeds.  

Please note that registration is required!

The seminar will be held in French with support material in English. 




8:45AM - 10:00AM: 

The Top Ten Business Practices of the Giants of the Web – A presentation 

10:00AM – 10:30AM: 

Wrap-up – Q&A 


Hotel Le Méridien
Carrefour de l'Europe
Brussels 1000

(next to Brussels Central Station)

Ludovic Cinquin - CEO France