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OCTO Technology: The Octo Way

We do things differently

We rely on teams with joined-up thinking,
who are multi-talented, mixing interpersonal skills with savoir-faire to work towards a shared vision.

Thanks to the implementation of these dynamics, we are able to guarantee
a successful marriage between creativity and potential.

OCTO Technology: Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

We are constantly looking for new ways of working and we are inspired by lean techniques.

We are driven by progress and learning. We believe that these are the prerequisites to achieve excellence in a constantly changing environment.


We strive to always be experts in the latest technology, to guarantee our permanent relevance and pragmatism.

In addition our expertise also includes the knowledge of innovative methods and business knowledge, which together are essential assets ensuring that we deliver outstanding results to our clients.

OCTO Technology: Expertise
OCTO Technology: The pursuit of joy

The pursuit of joy

Our ambition is to go that extra mile and to take pride in everything we do.

Joy is catching, it breeds creativity. And guess what? It shows in everything we do!

It is the key to products that are as great to use as they are to design!

Fail Fast

We favor an approach that enables rapid feedback, based on accurate measurement.

There can be no innovation or risk-taking without the possibility of making mistakes. The rapid detection of failures allows for learning and adaptation. It guarantees the success of the next iteration.

OCTO Technology: Fail Fast
OCTO Technology: The key is the team

The key is the team

We believe that a product reflects the organization that designs it.

Our knowledge of human dynamics means that together with you, we can build teams that make breakthroughs.
When all is said and done, that is our greatest asset.


Our core values are the sharing and exchange of information between our teams, with our clients and with the wider community. This is what drives us forward.

Because of this we learn better, faster and we go further! We are passionate people and passion should be shared!

OCTO Technology: Sharing

We'd like to share our recipe for success

OCTO Technology: our collaborative book

The OCTO team story!

Everyone, from the CEO to the newest trainee, has contributed to write about who and what we are.
It encapsulates our corporate culture.

How did I react to this breath of fresh air from Fabrice?
Well, I dug my heels in, I resisted and that lead to endless debate...

Chapter 19 – Learning to loose

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