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Our Team

With OCTO Australia, you have a team of motivated individuals committed to make your projects a success.

You can turn your ideas into value. Meet a few members of our team!

  • David Alia

    David is a senior consultant and has worked for OCTO Technology for more than 15 years. He's now CEO of OCTO Australia.

    He was in charge of a Business Unit named TIME (Telco - Media - Internet - Entertainment), that regroups all companies for which Time To Market is critical.

    He helps teams, managers and executives find energy to hack their company culture to deliver, innovate and work more efficiently.

    Find David on LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Alexandre Gindre

    Before joining OCTO Technology in 2013, Alexandre notably was the Lead Developer for a startup dedicated to energy markets, and VP Engineering in another, creating a web tool monitoring personal expenses he cofounded.

    With a good vision of the IT challenges, product management and IS Strategy, he is truly concerned about the digital evolution companies are facing and has a deep interest in tomorrow's architecture.

    He holds an Engineering Degree from a French “Grande Ecole” (ENSIIE), and an Advanced Master in Competitive Intelligence & Strategic Management (EGE).

  • Ali Asghar Houssein

    Through his experiences and his engineering training, Ali has quickly acquired a comprehensive view of IT projects and a sharp and empirical grasp of business issues.

    His varied experiences include work at international organisations, large companies, administrations and start-ups. He works with various stakeholders, from technical teams to the senior executives.

    Ali holds a MSc in Computer Science and is part of OCTO Australia founding team.

  • Erwan Alliaume

    Erwan is a senior consultant at OCTO Technology. He specialises in audit, coaching missions as well as in delivery of technical solutions.

    His strong desire to add value to the business through the use of Information Technology leads him to offer relevant solutions that carry a vision while supporting customers though the change process.

    Erwan is also interested by Big Data, Machine Leaning and Natural Language Processing solutions.

    Find Erwan on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Get involved

At OCTO, we know the sheep with five legs does not exist. This does not prevent us from recruiting the best candidates. We are not swinging between the know how and the interpersonal skills: We expect both!