OCTO is quoted on the Alternext Stock Exchange market since November 2006.

OCTO employee shareholders represent over 6% of the capital. The rest is free float.

Shareholders invest in OCTO for being a reference in its market and for having a healthy balance sheet (no debts or overvalues, only organic growth). The consequence is a high yield.


  • Date of introduction: 29/11/2006
  • Activity: Consultancy in the Architecture of Information Systems
  • ISIN code: FR0004157428
  • MNEMO code: ALOCT
  • Subsection: 9533_Data Processing Services
  • Section: Alternext
  • Number of shares outstanding: 4 777 408 as of January 31, 2017
  • OCTO Technology stock: click here
  • Shareholders:
    • Accenture Digital France Holdings : 94.88%
    • Public : 5.12%