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Our products

OCTO Technology: elCurator


Everyone in your organization finds content, but without an effective way of sharing what they collect nothing circulates.

OCTO Technology first encountered this problem in their own ranks and noticed their clients were facing similar issues. OCTO’s solution to efficient content sharing: build elCurator!

elCurator is a secure, easy-to-use corporate content-sharing platform that allows users to create a shared base for gathered knowledge, accessible on all devices even offline.

Sharing and accessing content has never been easier. Content is extremely streamlined (using browser extensions), the reading interface very ergonomic and always ad-free, and features include a comment section and “Like” button. The entire organization has access to analysis on the topics their employees are passionate about, a kind of internal “Google Trends”, and an overall view of major company trends.

Over 300 companies use the elCurator platform daily and take advantage of the ease and speed available to every content curator using the platform. TBWA, Swisslife, Nantes Métropole and many universities are among our customers.


Appaloosa-Store was created at OCTO Technology in April of 2011, when a team of passionate experts got together to create the first version of the product.

As the consultants went off to work on various assignments they quickly realized that a private appstore was the most adapted, and simplest, means to distribute apps for internal use.

Today, Appaloosa-Store – now an affiliate of OCTO Technology – allows organizations to deploy iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps privately on employee tablets and other mobile devices.

To date, Appaloosa-Store has distributed over 10 million applications via 7,000 private stores.

OCTO Technology: Appaloosa-Store
OCTO Technology: OCTO Academy

OCTO Academy

Digitalization has broadened the way we learn and gives us access to new learning methods that are available anytime, anywhere.

At OCTO Academy we are always on the lookout for new ways to garner knowledge and new sources of inspiration to help us accompany organizations and their teams during their transformation projects.

From strategic focus to mastering new technologies, OCTO Academy training programs are geared toward managers and operational staff alike as all are key players in corporate digital transformation.