In a complex world with limited resources, we are working together to find better ways to take action. We are striving towards designing and building the digital products that are essential to our customers’ progress and to the emergence of virtuous ecosystems.

Alongside its tremendous opportunities for transformation, development and innovation, we are aware that digital creates much “darker” sides: increased emissions, depletion of abiotic resources, increased inequality, introduction of bias, etc.

Since 2019, we are taking concrete action to do our part and play the role of a technology scout to find its rightful place. And according to OCTO’s adage “eat your own dog food”, we started by applying what we now advise our clients to ourselves.

From then on, we made our commitments concrete:

  • By becoming a B Corp in April 2021. 
  • By regularly participating in the Great Place To Work label (6 participations on the podium since 2012 – 1st place in the 2021 ranking of companies with 250 to 1000 employees).
  • By multiplying our actions on each branch: environmental, social and economic.

Our environmental commitments

Reduce our environmental impact

  • Reduction of our water and energy consumption in our offices.
  • Reduction and sorting of our waste.
  • Employee training: Conducting Climate Collage workshops explaining the mechanisms of climate change and its environmental and social consequences.
  • Reinforcement of remote work and encouragement of soft mobility: a priority is given to train travel (air travel must be justified), provision of a bicycle repair workshop in our offices.

To be an example within our main field of practice, digital

  • Good practices regarding digital sobriety related to equipment and their use: increasing the duration of their use to 5 years according to the Shift Project’s recommendations.
  • Redesigning our websites, following eco-design rules, to improve their energy consumption and accessibility.
  • Training and deploying digital sobriety practices among our employees.
  • Creating the “Responsible Digital Environment” training course for Octos and our clients.
  • Theses (with INRIA and CEA) and R&D internships in the “Responsible Digital Environment” field.

Our social commitments

Promoting diversity and inclusiveness

  • Policy of hiring profiles undergoing retraining on permanent contracts in association with our partner ACCES.
  • Working to ensure that more women join the digital sector. 
  • Mandatory training for Octos on stereotypes and diversity

Continuously improving the work conditions and development of Octos

  • Launching a program to implement new forms of work and socialization.
  • Ongoing evaluation of Octos’ satisfaction and commitment: Great Place to Work awards, ongoing internal surveys and monthly flash questionnaire to Octos.
  • Development of sports and well-being programs on OCTO sites and remotely.
  • Signature of an agreement on parenthood.
  • Calculation of the professional equality index: 89/100. The calculation of this index is based on five indicators: pay gap between women and men (39/40), increase rate gap (excluding promotions) between women and men (20/20), promotion rate gap between women and men (15/15), percentage of women receiving an increase in the year following maternity leave (100% = 15/15) and number of employees of the under-represented gender in the 10 highest salaries (0/10).

Our economic commitments

Respecting business ethics

  • Ethics & Compliance training is mandatory for all Octos, every year.

Being an active part of our ecosystem in terms of responsibility

  • Implementation of a sponsorship program in several forms (financial, skills and resources sponsorship). 
  • Implementation and application of an eco-responsible purchasing policy with our suppliers: preference given to companies of a human scale, local, responsible in terms of their practices (means of transport used, origin of products, packaging using bio-based products)