Brown Bag Lunch or how to combine lunch and reflections on a particular subject – often recurring. Mostly professional, sometimes personal: travel, improv theater, a shared passion or how to have lucid dreams… There must be more than thirty BBLs at OCTO per month.

Octo Talks

Blog on which all Octos can publish articles that have been reviewed by other Octos, on a tech or methodological matter. Some figures: 500 000 users and about 200 articles published each year.


We offer several mornings throughout the year where a topic is highlighted, led by our Octos who wish to share their expertise with our clients.

Tribe day

The members of each tribe meet every month for a day to share their experiences on missions, to ask for help, to discuss the tribe’s organization, or to take a stand on some R&D subjects.


Return on experience between Octos that takes place the 3rd Thursday of each month. Original expression: Birds Of a Feather!


Same objective as the Perfect Game but without protocol. Essentially this means that getting something “baffer” requires accepting all feedback with a smile without expecting much “form”. The slap is rather used when one is a little the “messy”.


Learning, sharing and exchanging are fundamental values of our culture. We strive to defend them and make them shine… beyond our company. Our conferences, USI, La Duck Conf and School of Product, are one of the many ways we can share. 


One on One, weekly meetings of half an hour (these are not meetings about current projects). A unique moment shared between an Octo and their manager to build a trusting relationship. At OCTO it is a fundamental managerial practice: all managers have O3s with their managers.


If OCTO has acquired a position of opinion leader over the years, it is thanks to an editorial policy that focuses on useful contents, written by our experts and highlighted by the creativity of our artistic teams. Sharing at OCTO is materialized (among other things) by the writing of white papers and their publication.