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RefCards give spotlight on specific topics. There is all the good information gathered around a theme in cards that can be displayed on the walls.

RefCard Building Mind-Blowing Mobile Apps

Out of the thousands of apps available, few make a lasting impression. What about yours? How do you get your app into your users’ phones for good?

RefCard API Architecture Strategy

As soon as we start working on an API, architecture issues arise. Many mistaken common beliefs turn out to be fiction in this area. A poorly designed API architecture will lead to misuse or – even worse – not be used at all by its intended clients: application developers. 

RefCard API Security Principles

When implementing an API, security issues quickly arise. This is a major challenge, as the Open API principle is to build an « open ecosystem », through the exposition of services usable by third parties, without knowing how it will be used. Besides, using REST and the Web technologies has an impact on the way […]

RefCard Tests on all Fronts

Mastering code and ensuring its reliability have become high priorities for every developer faced with ever richer and more complex architectures. 

RefCard RESTful API Design

As soon as we start working on an API, design issues arise. A robust and strong design is a key factor for API success. A poorly designed API will indeed lead to misuse or – even worse – no use at all by its intended clients: application developers.

The "Culture" collection reflects all the technological and methodological details of the practices we implement at our clients' premises. These are states of the art in which the beliefs of OCTO are displayed.


Culture DevOps volume 1.

Today it’s a reality: the word is on everyone’s lips in IT. The goal of this first volume is to presents the trends which have given rise to the cultural aspects and organizational models favorable to DevOps.

Culture Code

Culture Software Craftsmanship: Better Places with Better Code


"OCTO Papers" are short and synthetic texts on a technological or methodological subject. We offer recommendations so that companies be prepared to the challenges they will face on the path of digital transformation.

Digital Banking

Across all industries, the emergence of digital technology is stigmatizing businesses that don’t adapt to economic and social changes.

The Web Giants

Something extraordinary is happening at this very moment; a sort of revolution is underway. Across the Atlantic, as well as in other parts of the world such as France, people are reinventing how to work with information technology.