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RESTful API Design

OCTO Technology

As soon as we start working on an API, design issues arise. A robust and strong design is a key factor for API success. A poorly designed API will indeed lead to misuse or – even worse – no use at all by its intended clients: application developers.

To facilitate and accelerate the design and development of your APIs, we share our vision and beliefs with you in this Reference Card. They come from our direct experience on API projects. 

About this publication

Creating and providing a state of the art API requires taking into account:

  • RESTful API principles as described in the literature (Roy Fielding, Leonard Richardson, Martin Fowler, HTTP specification...)
  • The API practices of the Web Giants
  • Nowadays, two opposing approaches are seen.

“Purists” insist upon following REST principles without compromise. “Pragmatics” prefer a more practical approach, to provide their clients with a more usable API. The proper solution often lies in between.

Designing a REST API raises questions and issues for which there is no universal answer. REST best practices are still being debated and consolidated, which is what makes this job fascinating.

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About the author

OCTO Technology is an IT consulting, design and implementation company

We have been helping clients to design information systems and applications to transform their businesses since 1998. We focus on three main areas:

  • technology
  • methodology
  • understanding business challenges

The consultancy has grown continuously from the day it was created as have the skills of the consultants who have joined us. To enable us to support our ambitions we were floated on the stock market on Alternext in 2006.

OCTO is an international company that employs 300 people in 5 countries: France, Brazil, Switzerland, Morocco, and Australia.