Culture DevOps volume 1.

En bref.

We define DevOps as a set of practices which aim to reduce the TTM2 and to improve the quality of software, by reinventing cooperation between Dev and Ops. DevOps is an organizational model, a culture, and a set of processes, tools and architectural patterns3. For us it is also a vocation, a passion. It is the nature of that passion which we would like to share with you here.  

The goal of this first volume is to describe the foundations for a equitable and sound DevOps organization. It gives pointers for overhauling your organization in this sense. It also looks into the origins of the movement, the objectives of the method, its makeup, how it works and how to scale up DevOps teams, the main pitfalls to avoid, how to manage change and the results which you can expect.


Today it’s a reality: the word is on everyone’s lips in IT. The goal of this first volume is to presents the trends which have given rise to the cultural aspects and organizational models favorable to DevOps.

"It is high time to agree on a shared concept so that DevOps doesn’t become just another buzzword."

Au menu :

> Introduction

> Organization which serves the objectives of the company and it's employees

> DevOps : towards team autonomy and accountability

> Methodological practices & cultural traites which foster DevOps

> The most common organizational anti-patterns

> Doggy bag

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