We believe that IT is transforming companies. We know that major achievements are the result of knowledge sharing and pleasure derived from working together. We are constantly looking for the best way of doing things.


Our History

Initially founded in 1998 as the first IT architect firm, pioneer of agile delivery since 2004, nominated Great Place to work and talent cluster on several occasions, we joined Accenture Digital in 2016 to offer our clients a unique range of technological and sector-based expertise on the French market.

Our differentiating factor is our culture and the way we do things. With OCTO, you will be choosing teams with strong beliefs and who are committed to the success of your projects. Since 1998, we have been helping our clients build IS and apps that have transformed their companies by working on several areas: technology, methodology and understanding business line challenges.
By joining Accenture Digital, we offer clients an unparalleled range of technological and sector-based expertise on the French market.


Senior Consultant

Consultant, cutler and duck farmer. Yes you can!

Each Octo contributes with its differences and creativity, to build a community of expertise based on sharing and kindness.

Our organisation

OCTO is a tribe of tribes.

Tribes are self-organised teams that choose to rise to a common challenge. They naturally stimulate our R&D, they develop skills and a start-up state of mind. We believe these ingredients are necessary to secure our position on the market and to develop new innovative offers, to the delight of our clients.