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We work with any business that believes
information technology is a powerful engine for change

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OCTO Technology is an IT consulting, design and implementation company

We have been helping clients to design information systems and applications to transform their businesses since 1998. We focus on three main areas:

  • technology
  • methodology
  • understanding business challenges

Since its creation, OCTO has continually grown in a disciplined manner in order to guarantee the skill growth of the consultants we integrate. We now have more than 430 employees.

In joining Accenture Digital, we strive to offer our clients a range of both technological and sectoral expertise that is second to none. Our common goal is to develop complete and unique digital transformation services for the French market.

Where we are

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Our difference, is our culture

Pride in a job well done

Our company culture, our consultants and IT architects give us a global vision of your challenges. But we're not afraid to get our hands dirty - in fact we love it and we believe that IT is fundamentally a craft carried out by artisans who are masters of the techniques in their particular field.

We don't separate our consultancy work from our production work. We need developers who are able to have a holistic approach and be objective and consultants who thoroughly understand the technology.

OCTO Technology: we love IT
OCTO Technology: a community of talented people

Together we are stronger

We are a community founded on sharing and exchange, both among ourselves, with our clients and even with our competitors. This comes as a surprise to our clients and our new employees. No other company in the market takes sharing to such a level.

The topics we address are complex and innovative and therefore require effective collaboration between people from a multitude of skills backgrounds.

The trust challenge

We believe the key to being able to work well with others is trust. Be it within the OCTO community or with our clients, our only way of working is on a basis of trust. You deserve that and so do we.

There are many IT service companies on the market. We are reassuringly expensive. Excellence is what makes us tick.

OCTO Technology: The trust challenge
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And this makes the difference for you

An idea is just an idea,
but a well executed one is the key of success
OCTO Technology: a well executed idea with OCTO

With OCTO you get teams of people who are motivated and dedicated to the success of your projects. You have the power to bring your ideas to life. We would love to be this key for you and turn your ideas into a feast of success!

Hiring an OCTO team puts the skills of an entire company to work on your project, with over 380 consultants ready and willing to lend a hand.

What we can do for you